VPN connectivity out of the box on any platform

LibVPN is a software framework/library that allows to integrate VPN functionality into your desktop and mobile applications to connect to remote VPN secured networks. Our library works on any platform, could be integrated easily with any programming language and combines an easy to use and powerful features.

LibVPN is used by hundreds of users and proved itself to be a stable solution over several years of production-level usage.

Supported operating systems

Microsoft WindowsApple OSXLinuxApple iOSAndroid

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and higher, 32/64 bit
  • Apple OSX, 10.10,and higher, 32/64 bit
  • Linux, 32/64 bit
  • iOS 9 and higher
  • Android 4.4 and higher

Supported protocols

  • OpenVPN
  • IPSec, IKEv2

Supported programming languages

LibVPN desktop is developed in C++. We provide bindings for applications developed in:
  • C/C++ (usable on Windows, Linux, OSX, FreeBSD)
  • ObjectiveC, Swift (usable on OSX)
  • C# (usable on Windows)
  • Java (usable on Windows, Linux, OSX, FreeBSD)
LibVPN Android is developed in Java, it could be used together with applications written in:
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • JavaScript (for cross-platform applications built using Phonegap or Ionic frameworks)
LibVPN iOS is developed in ObjectiveC, it could be used together with applications written in:
  • C/C++
  • ObjectiveC
  • Swift 2 and higher

Compatible with

LibVPN is compatible with various frameworks and platforms so you don't even need to spend any platform integration efforts
JavaFX .NET WPF .NET WinForms
Qt PhoneGap Cordova Ionic framework

Use cases

LibVPN may be used for various scenarios:
  • LibVPN is ideal for VPN service providers
  • Some of our customers use it for building branded VPN clients for in-house enterprise usage
  • Integration of secure connectivity in ERP/CRM desktop applications

Rich feature set

LibVPN has the following capabilities, with many more on the roadmap:
  • Connection start/stop
  • Connection watchdog
  • Connection log interception
  • Connection statistics
  • Routing table management
  • Kill switch
  • (Android) per application connectivity control
  • (Android) always on VPN
  • (Android/iOS) VPN in background

Royalty-free distribution with your application

Our customers can use this library/framework in their commercial applications without any additional fees.